Sikh Gurdwara Act, legislation passed in India unanimously by the Punjab legislative council in July to end a controversy within the Sikh community that. 16 Apr Sikh Gurdwaras Act, was a piece of legislation passed by the Punjab Legislative Council on 9 July which marked the culmination of. Pb. Act VIIL] SIKH GURDWARAS THE SIKH GURDWARAS ACT, ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS. PART 1. CHAPTER I Preliminary Sections. 1.

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Kaulsar and Mai Kaulan da Asthan. Effect of omission to forward a list under section 3. India, country that occupies the greater part of South Asia.

Powers and duties of the Board generally. Officers and servants of the Commission.

Register to be kept for gurdwara. Rituals and practices which were opposed to Sikh tenets and which were in vogue before the Act was passed in have been set aside. Language of the Commission.

All these factors gave rise to what is known as the Gurdwara Reform movement during which Sikhs had to court jail sikh gurdwara act 1925 a large scale and suffer atrocity and death to get control of key Sikh shrines. Revenue Estate of Bhungarni. Court and office of Commission. Akali counsel was sought this time and the principal demand about the shrines being handed over for management to a representative body sikh gurdwara act 1925 the Sikhs was conceded.

Sikh Gurdwara Act

Sikh gurdwara act 1925 annual general meeting of the Board shall be sikh gurdwara act 1925 in every year. Government not to interfere with gurdwaras except as provided by this Act or any other Act.

Power of Board to make bye-laws. In case of difference of opinion between the members of the of opinion in Commission the opinion of the majority shall prevail: Petition to have it declared that a place asserted to be a Sikh Gurdwara is not such a gurdwara.

Sikh Gurdwaras Act, – Wikipedia

Election of President of Commission. When a notification has been published under the provisions sikh gurdwara act 1925 this Act by a person declaring a gurdwara to be Sikh Gurdwara, any person claiming that the right to alleging right to nominate an office-holder thereof was vested in him at the date of the publication, or nominate officeholder before the first day of January, i[or, in the case gurrdwara the extended territories before of a Notified the first day of November, ], sikh gurdwara act 1925, within ninety days from the date of the sikh Gurdwara.

Dharmsala Bhai Abnasha Singh.

Procedure when hereditary sikh gurdwara act 1925 or minister is dismissed. Notwithstanding anything contained in any Act to the contrary, no suit sikh gurdwara act 1925 application under shall be instituted or continued in any court, claiming any relief sikh gurdwara act 1925 respect of the under this Pan management or administration of a Notified Sikh Gurdwara if such relief might be or barred might have been claimed in an application made under skh provisions of this Part.

Police Station area of Dehlon. Institutions not subject to petition under section 7. Provided that the i [State] Government may in respect of any such gurdwara declare by notification that a petition of twenty or more worshippers of such gurdwara shall be deeded to be duly forwarded whether the petitioners were or were not sct the commencement of this Act i[or, in the case of the extended territories, on the commencement of the Amending Act, as the case may be,] residents in the police station area in which such gurdwara is situated, and shall thereafter deal with any petition that may be otherwise duly forwarded in respect of any such gurdwara as gurfwara the petition had been duly forwarded by petitioners who were such residents.

Claim for compensation by person alleging right to nominate office-holder sikh gurdwara act 1925 a Notified Sikh Gurdwar. Power of executive committee of Board.

The amendment shall be applicable to all claims, petitions and suits, in which the recording of evidence has not been concluded before the tribunal at the commencement of this Act, – vide Punjab Act III of section 1 wct i.

Sacha Sauda or Khara Sauda. It is hereby enacted sikh gurdwara act 1925 follows: I ofsection 3 1. Effect of omission to forward a list under section 3. Gurdeara of property not claimed under sub-section 1and effect of such notification. Revenue Estate of Sikh gurdwara act 1925.

First meeting of the Board. Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. Notified sikh 5 [ 12 sikh gurdwara act 1925 Sikh Gurdwara” means any gurdwara declared by notification by gurdaara Gurdwara. Previously clause iv was omitted by Punjab Act No. The Board shall in consultation with local committees prepare a scheme for a administration and management of the Ach described in sub-section 1their property, endowments, funds and income.

Report of auditor Riat, Pritpal Kaur Ph. Board may hold and administer trusts. Removal of ballot-papers from polling station to be an sikh gurdwara act 1925.