For example, wood screws come in various sizes, but they all look alike and perform the same function. Thus, it is useful to think of them as a family of parts. 4 Feb If you are new to Family Tables, a thorough study of. Family Tables under Proe/ Fundamentals is a must. You will then understand how to use. 24 Apr By: Tyler Griffin First setup your family table within your part (or parts). Next at the assembly level click on the family table icon and then click to.

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Three important terminologies of family table are: Family Table functionality varies with your Creo Parametric module licenses. You proe family table tutorial scroll horizontally through a Family Table to see additional information. In the bolt family table creation example, ttorial bolt need to be modeled in pro engineer first, this is called generic and after that by varying the dimensions of it you will get different proe family table tutorial. On a personal note: Things to be known before creating family table: You have to first double click on the generic part name and you will see the box containing all the instances of the generic for your selection.

Creating family table is most effective when you need to create huge numbers of similar parts.


Another benefit of family table is in making of parts catalog; Family table file can be included easily in parts catalog. For example, wood screws come in various sizes, but they proe family table tutorial look alike and perform the same function.

Family Table names are not case-sensitive. The method is called family table. So, what tabel you need a pattern of components where each component varies with respect to their assembly?

Create table-driven assemblies by adding to the Family Table subassembly and part names, as well as assembly dimensions. The base object generic object or generic on which all members tzble the family proe family table tutorial based. In multi level family table, you can create instances of instance. Therefore, any subsequent references to inserted names show them in uppercase letters.

I’m sure you’ll find these video tutorials of great value both professionally and personally. For example, you have to create a database of different sizes of bolts.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Family Tables are collections of parts or assemblies or features that are essentially similar, proe family table tutorial deviate slightly in one or two aspects, such tbale size or detail features. The generic is at the top of the figure, and its instances are underneath.

The proe family table tutorial entries belonging to the generic can be changed only by modifying the actual part, suppressing, or resuming features; you cannot change the generic model by editing its entries in the Family Tables. The family table created for the instances of any family table is called multi level family table. You can create an instance with or without including any numbers of components proe family table tutorial the generic assembly.

Retrieving the instances created by family table: Family Tables are essentially spreadsheets, consisting of columns and rows. Add table-driven groups to a part Family Table.

Free CAD Tutorials: Free Pro Engineer Tutorial: How to create and use family tables in pro engineer

Create table-driven user-defined groups whose group feature dimensions can be table-driven, invariable, or variable. Rows preo instances of parts and their corresponding values; columns are used for items. Moreover, families make it easy to interchange parts and subassemblies in an assembly, because tzble from the same family are automatically interchangeable with each other.

Creating model from an instance: Before start creating family table, you have to observe the part very carefully and note down the dimensions, which will vary for each of the instances.

Thus, it is useful to think of them as a family of parts. In this tip we combine two powerful modeling techniques that are often thought of as separate; Patterns and Family Tables. Though with patterns of features, the instances may proe family table tutorial greatly, with patterns of components the instances must be proee. For example, if the generic model has a parameter called Material with a value Steelall instances will have the same parameter proe family table tutorial value.

Each row in a family table represents an instance, where as each columns represents an item. Name given to each instance of family table is not case sensitive. If you want an instance should not be modified, then select that instance and click on lock icon tabel proe family table tutorial family table.

The button at right is provided so that you may help keep this resource available and proe family table tutorial encourage further development. Family table items are normally standard items and should be used directly to any assembly without any modifications or operations, however if you perform any operations to any of the instances and save it, then the operation will remain as a feature of that instance only.

Generic is the master part, which only needs to be modeled for creation of the family table. You can create assembly family table similarly as part family table, but some points need to be noted for assembly tuhorial table: Features are listed by feature number for example F with the associated feature type for example [ cut ] or feature name on the line below it. Dimensions are listed by name for example, d9 with the associated symbol name if any on the line below proe family table tutorial for example, depth.

The items of a multi level family should be different than what are already selected for the main family table. By using family table, the parts can be standardize.

Names of all family members instances created by the table and the corresponding values for each of the tutorail items. You can also consider the dimensions given for assembling the components as well as assembly level features as items proe family table tutorial assembly family table.

Available Family Table Functionality. The following figure shows a family of bolts. All aspects of yutorial generic model that are not included in the Tutoriwl Table automatically occur in each instance.

You can combine the power of Patterns and Tabl Tables, maintaining the parametric relationships between individual components and with respect to the assemble in which they live. Proe family table tutorial each instance, you can define whether a feature, parameter, or assembly name is used in the instance either by indicating whether it is proe family table tutorial in the instance Y or N or by providing a numeric value in the case of a dimension. They let you represent your actual part inventory in Creo Parametric.

The column headings include the instance name, and the rutorial of all of the dimensions, parameters, features, members, and txble that were selected for the table.