MCA I Year-I Sem Syllabus. Osmania University. 3. Download all MCA eBooks from here: ?r=posts/ PROBABILITY AND. – Syllabus of Osmania University – Master of Computer Science (MCA). – Syllabus of Osmania University – Master of Computer Science (MCA) – IIIrd Year – Ist Semester.

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OU : MCA (3 years course) 1st year (I, II Sem) syllabus with effect from academic year 2015-16

Candidates can select suitable link of courses as per your choice to get Osmania University Exam Syllabus. Current Exam Updates Loading This will navigate you to new page where you PDF file of that particular syllabus will appear. Preparation of Important documents. Strings and Multi-dimensional arrays: Term “Lending Financial Institutions – role and functions. Data storage hierarchy, file management, files management mca syllabus osmania university, Database management systems, type of database organization, features of a DBMS.

Identification of financial transactions. Don’t Add Comment with Spam Purpose. Category Wise Jobs Teaching Jobs. Destructors and Copy Constructors. Basic Concepts, Isomorphism, Sub-graphs, trees and their Properties. Moivre’s theorem, Hyperbolic functions. Candidates who want to download Mca syllabus osmania university.

Depreciation Provisions and Reserves. Methods of collecting data efficiently, gathering information from data charting.

Elements Of Information Technology. For any query or for any suggestions comment us on below stated comment box, our team will soon reply to it.

Separate Compilation and namespaces. Production function, single output is quantum. Faculty of Social Sciences.

Data storage hierarchy, file management, files management systems, Database management systems, type of database organization, features of a DBMS Application Software: General Degree Course I Year. Overriding and Virtual Functions.

Balancing of Ledger Accounts.

String Basics, Multi-Dimensional Arrays. In the below section syllabus mca syllabus osmania university Osmania University for B. Production function, single output is quantum, average cost curve – Laws of returns – Laws of supply, Price determination under perfect Competition.

Previous Year Question Papers. You can also download the Osmania University Mca syllabus osmania university from official site through online mode or press on links mentioned below of various courses syllabus. Errors and their Rectification.

Concepts, measurement and determinants.

– Osmania University MCA Syllabus – IIIrd Year – Ist Semester

Subsidiary Books and Bank Reconciliation Statement: Mathematical induction, Logarithms and surds, quadratic expressions, equations and inequalities, summation of series matrices and groups. Osmania University conducts the university exam every year for promoting students cma higher classes as per their eligibility. Demand, Supply and Market Equilibrium: Practice Which Helps Mca syllabus osmania university Preparation. Safeguarding computers and communications.

Trial Balance Accounts Computer lab work: Vectors and scalars, vector addition, vector equations of line and plane, scalar and vector products mca syllabus osmania university vectors, triple products.

Angles and measurement of angles, trigonometric ratios and value of a function at a certain value, compound angles, trigonometric ratios of compound angles, complex numbers and De. Pointers and Dynamic Arrays: Consignment and Joint Ventures: Communication channels, networks, conduits of communication, communication networks, local networks, factors affecting communication among devices.

Frequency distributions, mathematical expectation, moments, skewness and kurtosis.

Osmania University

The nature and scope of managerial economics, Fundamental concepts of managerial economics. Conventional Banks and Industrial Finance. Market Structure and Factors of Universlty Structures, Classes, Abstract data types. Depreciation — Provisions and Reserves: Production and cost analysis and principles: