LOS SECUESTRADOS DE ALTONA by JEAN-PAUL SARTRE at – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Losada – Title: Teatro. Los secuestrados de Altona. Publisher: Editorial Losada, S.A.. Publication Date: Binding: EncuadernaciĆ³n de tapa blanda. Book Condition. : Los secuestrados de Altona/ The Kidnapped of Altona (Spanish Edition) () by Jean-Paul Sartre and a great selection of similar.

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After what I’ve told you? When he refuses, she accuses him of being a coward. If there’s any chance left. Oh, tribunal of the night – you who were, who will be, and who are – I have been! I, Franz von Gerlach, here in this room, have taken the century upon my shoulders and have said: Franz descends the steps slowly secuestraeos they begin to speak.

For the film adaptation, see The Condemned of Altona film. Trains, ships, planes; what a business, and how dreary! Don’t worry, I know more than one trick. My client was the first to know shame. What you take for white lymph is blood.

He is your employee.

Leni apologizes for the earlier quarrel, but Franz rushes her quickly out of the room. Isn’t that what you wanted? Nothing has changed; nothing has happened. When Johanna says that she will leave, Father asks her to go and see Franz one last time and tell him that his father ee an interview. In order to secuestrrados Werner, Johanna determines to investigate the mystery of Franz’s seclusion.

But the pleasure will be all yours.

Franz reveals that he knows Johanna secueztrados lying to him about Germany. The choice of the name Gelber here is a possible pun: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. And will you allow yourself to be butchered? Werner arrives, and Father leaves, telling Johanna that his proposition still stands. Sartre summarizes the plot in the program notes of the play: I forbid [Franz] to plead my cause. Johanna refuses to be bound to her father-in-law’s wishes, and confronts the family’s secret: I aaltona that he is my equal.

Father reveals that two men of Franz’s unit had been taken prisoner by the Russians and survived.

The Condemned of Altona – Wikipedia

Here Sartre shows Father’s power to stem from a self-deception Werner does not possess: One and one make one – what a misunderstanding! You only like strength, you women. You took our eyes to examine what exists, while we, living in man’s epoch, have seen with those same eyes what does not exist.

He protests that he will not be judged by her and tells her that he does not have a choice on his position, adding “I would not submit myself to it unless it was vitally necessary. Leni swears to obey her father’s last wishes, but admits that she does not hold to her oaths.

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Franz says that they are both criminals, and that he does not accept Father’s ability to judge him, but nonetheless forces him to swear that he will not. As for me, have you considered what I shall be thinking all that time?

We shall find each other again, Werner, I swear it. Leni begins to talk about the two prisoners Franz allowed Heinrich to kill, and Johanna comes to the realization that Franz had many people tortured and killed.

They came to see him inand told Father about the “butcher of Smolensk”. My client is tearing himself open with his own hands. But enough of that! He claims to be the defendant for the twentieth century against the judgment of the thirtieth. Throughout the play, Sartre characteristically colors the text of the plot with his philosophic concepts, especially the notions of responsibility and freedom and the contrast between bad faith and authenticity.

Everything will be dead – eyes, judges, time. She exits as Franz begins another internal dialogue with his crabs. Oh, witness for the defense, testify before yourself.

Johanna arrives and tells him that Father wants to see him. Franz orders them both out, and when Leni goes towards the drawer which holds the revolver, he yells: Some time later Father sends Gelber, a family servant, to obtain a forged death certificate. What did you want?

They discuss the possibility of Johanna sealing herself up as well.