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Iri gukura iragwo iguku ni aka. Cutting by the tongue is different from cutting by the knife. Kikuyu proverbs wothe wambagiririo na nda. Gutiri witaga ithe wa ungi baba.

Iri kura ndiri muhiti. Good deeds remain, all things else perish. When you receive two visitors at the same time, you cannot treat them in the same manner, because they have different tastes. kikuyu proverbs

Kikuyu proverbs – Wikiquote

Guota mwaki ni gucera. One ages every night one lives. Hungu ireraga haria mburi irathinjirwo. A friend is never known till needed. Njira ikuura igiaga ime kuri riua Two wives are two pots kikuyu proverbs of poison. Andu matari ndundu mahuragwo na njuguma imwe.

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Morally the proverb means that men easily agree when deciding on an enterprise, but will probably quarrel as soon as they have obtained what they kikuyu proverbs. Top unsecured business loans in Kenya Top unsecured business loans in Kenya Kikuyu proverbs tops designs in Kenya Latest chiffon tops designs Prezzo and his girlfriends. Gikuru kiega no kiratina. On a day when a feast was being held at home, Wacu went to work in the field as she kikuyu proverbs there would be nothing for her at home.

Slander is not mortal stabbing. Meat has no choice morsel.

One beats the bush, and another catches the bird. Idleness is the key of beggary. One likes the place where one kikuyu proverbs well. If anybody makes you laugh, it is not always because he loves pfoverbs.

Aka na ngombe matiri ndugu Some soldiers are only soldiers when talking. Lichens are not strong enough to prevent a goat from falling. The kikuyu proverbs of a helpless man must nit be divided before his death.

He who adorns himself knows to kikuyu proverbs sort of dance he is going. Gatitu ka muimwo ni iri noko kari miti. Nobody gathers firewood to roast a thin goat. The cimex lives in the firewood and still it reaches its full growth. It kikuyu proverbs good to introduce new blood.

Ireragira ruku-ini na ikaya kuigana. Poverty needs no granary.

Funny Kikuyu Proverbs and their Meaning

A little house well filled, a little land well tilled, a little wife well willed are great riches. They protect it from birds by building pulpit-like huts in which boys or women stand to frighten them whilst the harvest is ripening. Kikuyu proverbs kionje itigayagwo gitanakua. We will do a post on this issue of sugar management in Africa soon, kikuyu proverbs for now let us put it in the strongest possible manner that Africa cannot afford to continue with its current relationship with sugar.