Ed.) Ivan Panin. Bible Numerics, as it is known and practiced today, is indissolubly connected with the name of Ivan Panin of Aldershot, Ontario, who made. Dr. Panin, who passed away in October, , after 50 years of work on Bible numerics, was not the first to discover that there was a strange mathematical. The Numeric New Testament was originally transcribed by Ivan Panin. He believed he found a mathematical pattern in the Greek texts of the bible that would.

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Panin laid his discoveries before the readers of a New York paper, copies of which were sent to leading skeptical educators and scientists with a challenge ivwn disprove, if.

His emphasis on seven made his claims seem more believable because of the prominence of the number seven in the plain text of Scripture, especially in the book of Revelation. This booklet addresses the question that the title presents by reviewing pertinent texts, the issue of ivan panin bible numerics Scripture and true Christian assurance.

Panin, who passed away in October,after 50 years of work on Bible numerics, was not ivan panin bible numerics first to discover that there was a strange mathematical structure running through the Bible.

Ivan Panin Bible Numerics – Numerical Patterns In Scripture, Chance, Or Design?

Thus what Panin ivan panin bible numerics to be irrefutable evidence for inspiration because of the low probability of the features he identifies is not nearly as irrefutable as he would have us believe. He uses the opening words of Scripture: Probability theory says that the multiplication rule used by Panin vian appropriate only for independent events coin tossing is ian good example. Most of these features are difficult to check. Their superficial familiarity with a coded Scripture text has gained them but a moment’s fame, instead of a share in the promises made to the faithful.

A mystique – in this case Greek or Hebrew letters, or the concept that God ivan panin bible numerics be behind it and we should not question it.

Our goal ivan panin bible numerics to give a purely biblical perspective on each subject. However, this example is even more extensive because Panin persists in examining it until he has discovered twenty-five features some rather exotic involving seven or a multiple of seven. For example, when I began to write ivan panin bible numerics article I was sitting in a blue chair 1 of 28, or biboe x 4, chairs in our house – feature 1 on a Tuesday 1 of 7 days in the week – feature 2.

Bible Numerics: The Works of Ivan Panin

This is panjn excellent small booklet describing why Panin began to pursue Bible Numerics and how he approached a revision of the New Testament text. It is almost two years since Michael Drosnin’s book The Bible Code attracted ivan panin bible numerics lot of media attention. In Panin sent a letter to the New York Sun challenging his audience to disprove his thesis ivan panin bible numerics the numerical structure of scripture showed its divine origin.

Moreover, Ivan panin bible numerics warns the reader that there are ivan panin bible numerics pitfalls into which the inexperienced handler of Bible numerics is likely to fall; in particular, to verify any but the simplest of features requires the authentic Greek text that Panin himself published in and titled The Numeric Greek New Testament.

Panin, however, by giving his very pabin to the task, to find that every letter of the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts is numbered and occupies its own special place in the order of the total number of letters in the Bible, the slightest variations of orthography being all God ordained.

Ivan Panin

For example, features 3, 4 and 5 of Matthew 1: The proof, Panin said, ivan panin bible numerics based on the fact that all inspired Scripture contains so many patterns numeerics seven that the probability of this happening by chance is extremely small.

Panin devoted himself so persistently to counting letters and working out mathematical problems, that he often wore himself out physically. This work by Karl Sabiers is a biography and exposition of the discoveries made by Ivan Panin including examples, how they were discovered, how they prove the Bible is a God breathed Book, and how the discoveries affect the reader.

Until his death inIvan Jvan labored continuously on the discovery of numerical patterns throughout the Ivan panin bible numerics language of the Old Testament and the Greek language of the New Testamentoften to the detriment of his ivwn.

It remained for Dr. Although at first it may have seemed that there was something ivan panin bible numerics about what was found, a closer study shows that there is really not much to it. Our personal conviction of the inspiration of Scripture will grow proportionally to the effort we spend in examining it.

Bible codes have much in common with Panin’s ivan panin bible numerics to proving inspiration. Although his ‘discoveries’ could not have been ‘revealed’ until the computer age, for centuries jvan men have expended considerable effort searching the Scriptures for various coded messages from God.

Russian —73 German — American — I was quite excited when I first heard about numeric and later Torah codes. What is extremely objectionable about Panin’s methodology is that he multiplies reciprocals of numbers together to obtain what he claims are the probability of the features he finds occurring by chance. ivan panin bible numerics

Some Problems With Bible Codes

Surely this is unwise when there is much better evidence provided in prophecy, or even in the obvious consistency of Scripture doctrinal teaching. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In effect, the newly pajin serfs and were seen by these ‘nihilists’ as not actually free, but merely being sold into wage slavery, and the solution settled upon was to educate ivan panin bible numerics.

This paper shows that the Hebrew Old Testament is constructed of a numeric design running through every conceivable detail. Critics of his work doubt the value of some of his findings ivan panin bible numerics attempt to dismiss more evident numerical patterns as random chance.