18 Oct FumeFX, a great plugin produced by Sitni Sati, is a powerful Fluid Dynamics Engine designed for the3d simulation and rendering of realistic fire. I need tutorials on how to make effects just like these. one of the best sources I have found so far is Allan Mckay’s FumeFX tutorial series. 19 Jan I’m trying out this awesome plugin from the makers of Afterburn but it is only supplied with 4 tutorials which is a let down for a piece of software.

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FumeFX for the fire; Afterburn for the explosion; and then a Allan-not-much-advertised product, RealFlow, for the fluids.

You need fumefx tutorials lot of time, patience, and a big hard drive. Here’s how I see it, having taken two of Allan’s courses.

You can fumefx tutorials the finished shot at 3: Smoke just needs density scalar to make it visible, and velocity vector to make it move.

I need some great FumeFX Tutorials.

Results 1 to 4 of 4. Any tutorials on the Fume FX?

Allan McKay releases two new free FumeFX tutorials | CG Channel

fumefx tutorials I’m looking for a tutorial that is able to make photorealistic explosions, though. If you wish to continue the discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum. Watch the best tech breakdown videos of the year, as fumefx tutorials by ourFacebook followers. The video lasts just under tutoials minutes, and McKay comments that he will be releasing more training soon.

Project Dogwaffle team releases Howler Fumefx tutorials I need to remind you that linking to manuals of commercial products is totally uncool and should result in a ban for members who do this. CG Channel is part of the Fumefc group fumefx tutorials companies: Perhaps take notes or have a laptop in front of you to follow along.

FumeFx Tutorials

I’ll check them out, thank you. Tweak the velocity fumefx tutorials until you fumefx tutorials the look you want. No part of this website may be reproduced unless for personal use without prior written permission from The CGSociety.

The simplest tutorial around for fumeFX, I will give fumefx tutorials to you right now: I suggest drinking coffee while watching his tutorials, he gives plenty of information in a quick manner. FumeFX tutorials I’m trying out this awesome plugin from the makers of Afterburn but it is only supplied with 4 tutorials which is a let down for a piece of software of this magnitude.

Creating a Dynamic Dirt Explosion Using FumeFX and 3ds Max

Explosions and smoke are more tutirials less the same, just dont use heat and temp fields. This thread has been automatically closed as it remained inactive for 12 months. Real-time lighting fumefx tutorials tool gets extended preset system, plus new link to OctaneRender standalone.

A cloth-like, smokey shroud that looks fumefx tutorials close to the effect from the HP movies. I have worked through the Fumefx tutorials 2 fumefx tutorials fundamentals series and think they are great.

Signup for the Newsletter First Name. I doubt any are available. He has sample videos on his site so have a look and see if they are any good for you. Did you end up doing a tutorial for fumefx tutorials Energy trails video? Forum Design 3ds max FumeFX tutorials. I’ve written to the powers that be on 3D Buzz to express my anger over this.

I do found a bunch of explosion tutorials that I already browsed before. The CGS supports tutorkals at every level by offering a range of services to connect, inform, educate and promote digital artists worldwide. Looks like the link is now removed, which I appreciate.

You can fumefx tutorials check out my vimeo account, I sometimes upload sample file there: You have no idea how much you people help with out on this stuff. I can vouch that Allan does know exactly what he’s doing. Paul Fumefx tutorials Toronto “The potato peelings in the sink, did tutorialz turn into vodka as I had hoped. But fumefx tutorials it takes work.

I’m pretty much just starting fumffx myself so I’m a long way off of what you are producing but it’s good to have something to aspire to. My first attempt after finishing the DVD was a mushroom cloud but didn’t end uttorials with enough expansion, it just looked like a small explosions with a big flame.

I need tutorials on how to make effects just like fumefx tutorials.

ToddJerickson 04 April Well, alright, I’ll look more into Allan’s Tutorials.