Taking issue with the common assumption that existing human ethics can be ‘ extended’ to meet the demands of the ongoing ecological crisis, Patrick Curry. 17 Jul Ecological Ethics: An Introduction. Patrick Curry. Second edition, revised and expanded. Polity. July Find this book: We stand in the midst. PUBLICATIONS. Most of my published work concerns ecology (personal, political , ethical and spiritual as well as natural), divination (examined historically and.

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Smith – – University of Minnesota Press. It will be of great interest to students and activists, and to a wider public. Just what it says on the tin. The Promise etjics Green Politics: Particular attention is given to the various kinds ecological ethics patrick curry ecocentric ethics, such as the Land Ethic, The Gaia Hypothesis, and Deep Ecology and its offshoots: These issues are cugry just although they include the limits to ccurry economics ecological ethics patrick curry they are not just although they include the harm that nature can do to us when we harm nature by poisoning nature we frequently poison ourselves ; they are not just although they include a respect for nature, or an appreciation of nature.

I have seldom read better. Strongly influenced by Max Weber and his intellectual heirs. Other editions – View all Ecological Ethics: Neil Carter – – Cambridge University Press.

Sign in Create curfy account. In order to do so we need to radically reduce the human population, and end our environmentally destructive ways. A View From Deep Ecology. Ecocentric ethics, Curry argues, is close to virtue and consequentialist ethics as well as the feminist ethic of care, but opposes abstract notions of duty and utility p.

Curry falls neither into despair or premature optimism. ecological ethics patrick curry

It will be of great interest to students, activists, and to a wider public concerned with the ecocrisis, its main theories, debates, and possible solutions. Steverson – – Environmental Ethics 16 1: I’ll divide up papers and articles accordingly. Deep ecology is compatible with a belief in phenomena greater than humanity; so, he argues, we need to develop a pragmatic, pluralistic view of ecocentric and biocentric ethics, and connect them to Christian, Confucian, Buddhist and other spiritualities.

I recommend this book ecological ethics patrick curry. He is finishing a book on philosophy and sustainability, provisionally entitled From Environmental to Ecological Ethics: This comprehensive and wide-ranging textbook offers a radical but critical introduction to the subject which puts ecocentrism and the critique of anthropocentrism back at ecological ethics patrick curry top of the ethical, intellectual and political agenda.

One does not have to lurch into misanthropy in a hurry to escape the perils of anthropocentricism. Request removal from index. But the time has come not to walk, but to run, fast, to a much different, more sustainable future. This entry has no external links. Ecological ethics patrick curry of Western Philosophy. After taking his PhD at the University of Southampton, James Connelly worked as a secondhand and antiquarian bookdealer for many years.

Patrick Curry: Books

And current circumstances illustrate with startling clarity the real priorities — economic growth and development — which animate this and ecological ethics patrick curry governments.

Douglas Torgerson – – Duke University Press. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Of the last kind, particular attention ecological ethics patrick curry given to the Land Ethic, the Gaia Hypothesis, and Deep Ecology and its offshoots: Ecological Ethics,” 2nd Ed. Click here to cancel reply. The current government is the self proclaimed greenest government ever.

Even were that to be true it palpably is not it would not be enough, ecological ethics patrick curry greenness is a matter of scale or degree and one can be very green even the greenest ever without being green enough. It etyics be of great interest to students, activists, and to a wider public concerned with the ecocrisis, its main theories, debates, and possible solutions. Ideology, Reality, and Vision. Blatz – – Ethics 4: The issue goes far beyond the question of whether ecological ethics patrick curry direct our policy focus on the problem, because in order to do that we need to know what the problem is and why it is a problem.

From introducing ecocentric ethics, Curry ethisc on to discuss biocentrism, which holds that humans are not superior to other species p.

But in historical fact it is only in the last two hundred and fifty years or so that economics has come to dominate society. You can read four articles free per month. Mick Smith – ecological ethics patrick curry Environmental Ethics 29 1: You can see my Introduction, which describes the papers and puts them in context, in the ” Papers ” section of this website.


This is the generally preferred option in which we pay lip service and more or less honestly swear ecological ethics patrick curry we will get round to it ecological ethics patrick curry. It is written in a lively and sprightly fashion and although it does not go into philosophical depth on each and every issue it raises and does not pretend to it is a beautifully written ethids which is immensely satisfying and informative to read.

The new edition emphasises the importance of virtue ethics and its close relationship with ecocentrism. Environmental Ethics in the Context of American Agriculture.

Selected pages Title Page. Sign in Create an account. We could, of course, simply forget the environment in the search for ecological ethics patrick curry growth. It deserves to be read — it needs to be read — by citizens, politicians, philosophers, economists and political scientists. This ethic calls for an patrock common good that includes other species and ecologgical habitats as well as Homo sapiens p.

With this point in mind, the book introduces and discusses all the major concepts needed to understand the full range of ecological ethics.