7 Jul Barely a Lady. Eileen Dreyer. Buy This Book. Every once in awhile I will pick up a romance that lives up to the critics’ claims of being written to a. 17 May Romantic suspense author Dreyer (Nothing Personal) makes a highly successful venture into the past with this sizzling, dramatic Regency. 6 Jul Barely a Lady by Eileen Dreyer Dear. Ms. Dreyer,. When a friend told me that you had started this historical series, despite the fact that I’m pretty.

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He killed said innocent cousin in a duel, turned his back on his pregnant wife and fled the country. You can also narrow down your search after viewing the results.

I did enjoy all of the supporting characters, especially Grace and Diccan. Description Eileeh Grace has secrets that could destroy her. As he comes to, she realizes Jack has amnesia and believes them barely a lady eileen dreyer still be married. I cheered for Olivia and loved her for her courage!

Unfortunately, the feeling that I was left with wasn’t that pleasant one obtained upon finishing a satisfying read.

Then she stumbles over Jack on the battlefield of Waterloo and he barely a lady eileen dreyer an even more dangerous secret. Okay, admittedly I wasn’t absolutely sure until I confirmed with my hubby, but we watch lots varely History Channel stuff, mostly about wars, he’s in control of the remote, I’m usually reading and yes, I did remember correctly that cordite wasn’t invented until the ‘s.

A Column of Fire Ken Follett.

Barely a Lady — All About Romance

She counts film producers, police detectives and Olympic athletes as some of her sources and friends. It has a definite Othello theme running through the plot, although this isn’t so pronounced that you keep thinking of Shakespeare all the way through.

It felt a bit too little too late for me, but then it most often does. C Sensuality Warm Book Type: The Brothers Karamazov Fyodor Dostoyevsky. These two are hot for each other but I never saw anything that showed me there was lafy more to their relationship.

Barely A Lady : Number 1 in series

For not only is he unconscious, he is clad in an enemy uniform. His voice suspiciously gruff, Jack knelt before his son.

I could almost smell the smoking ruins and hear the moans of the wounded. It’s all been said by others, but the one thing I would add, is that she isn’t actually a doormat in the end. It does take time for her to believe his ‘newly re-found’ devotion, and if it will last. When he is finally introduced to us and his father, he has the presence of mind to ask Apparently they hadn’t been baarely for long when this all happened. Not only that, but he called elieen the cousin and left her Barely a Lady was barely a lady eileen dreyer decent read, with really good characters specially the secondary ones and well-developed plot, based on the aftermath of barwly battle of Waterloo.

Where’s the small semblance of realism in this entire ridiculous barely a lady eileen dreyer The Duke and I Julia Quinn.

Barely a Lady – Eileen Dreyer – Google Books

Then she stumbles over Jack on the battlefield of Waterloo, Everything from characterization narely plotting has a been there, done that feel.

Nothing really set this book apart from anything else on the barely a lady eileen dreyer. Since then, poor Olivia has to scrap by, while being persecuted by Jack’s cousin, Gervaise, a Iago like character who convinced Jack that Olivia was up to no good. Eikeen is nursing wounded British soldiers. I look forward to reading the next book in this Series! Barely a Lady Eileen Dreyer No preview available – The main character’s relationship was so uneven that I can’t imagine they could ever be happy together.

Barely a Lady

Refresh and try again. Olivia and the Jackass. However, I also believe that for the romantic aspect of a novel to be enthralling, it has to be somewhat believable. He is willing to believe unsubstantiated lies about her at the drop of a hat.