8 Mar A Modern Love Story Well. *hrmph* I can certainly say that this book was almost unputdownable. I can definitely say that it started off and. A Modern Love Story After the death of her parents, Robbie Byrne is put in foster care where she meets her exact opposite, Luc Cintrone. Abandoned as a small. 23 Jun Format: E-book Read with: iBooks for iPad Length: Novel Genre: Contemporary Romance Series: Standalone Publisher: Self-Published Hero.

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Book Review – A Modern Love Story by Jolyn Palliata

Her book Amber Eyes is free on kindle right now. But he denies her, making him absolutely irresistible in her eyes. Email required Address never made public.

It went in a risky direction that had so many a modern love story jolyn palliata us readers reacting mostly negatively that I wondered, how am I going to review this?

You are commenting using your WordPress. Does this book have a HEA? It DID make me react. Before Jamaica Modenr by Samantha Young. Jolyn Palliata Publication date: My first problem with this book was cheating.

Like Sandra said, to me, Pallata feel it did fall apart in the end. He made her feel wanted, needed. My husband told me I needed to a modern love story jolyn palliata a break from it on Saturday! Payten is a woman who has grown accustomed in her privileged life in obtaining whatever she wants, no matter the cost or sacrifice. If you choose to read this, fashion-up fashion-up? You think you can handle it.

The words flow smoothly, the characters totally invade into your heart and the story just grabs you from the very start until all I could think about was Luc, Luc and Luc some more!

June 18, Finished On: Younger Man, Older Woman. I live in Moscow, Russia.

Review: A Modern Love Story by Jolyn Palliata

Though Luc might not want to acknowledge the attraction that flares between them from that very tender age, he is not as immune towards Robbie as he might like to think he is. Lucian Anthony Cintrone Heroine: Something to Read Mini-review: He turns out to be a hot famous rock star. A modern love story jolyn palliata, who has been a part of the system for far too long after being abandoned by his parents is the rebellious sort, the one who uses cuss words in every sentence and has an attitude a mile wide.

Designed by Elena Melnikova. LOL it would make a great Lifetime movie.

Notify me of new comments via email. My Best Books of List. I adored Leah and Lawson. It was sweet, romantic and innocent story about two foster kids: It is rare that an author will go in this direction. Ultimate List of Fighter Books.

Review: A Modern Love Story by Jolyn Palliata – Something Delicate

I would highly recommend A Modern Love Story to anyone who can take romances that pushes your comfort zone. Although… it probably would make a great Lifetime movie. My Top 10 Dark Reads. It started out so well, reeling and hooking me in…then it just went flat for me.

The book may have been hard to put down, but at some point, I totally wanted to throw it across the room. It has good reviews on GR…. It took me a few days to get over it. You think you know a modern love story jolyn palliata life has in store for you.

A Modern Love Story – Jolyn Palliata – Google Books

She has to help him stop the band from breaking up and of course there is some romance along the way. I try to make up for it in enthusiasm. I was obsessing about it at work a modern love story jolyn palliata driving my co workers insane!

One thing for sure. Robbie, whose parents died, and Luc, whose parents abandoned him. Ultimate List of Rock Star Books. I would describe a portion of it as far-fetched.